Tuesday 20 November 2012

Stevie Ronnie @ Goldsteins

The very technologies we expect to replace the paper book can be used to increase its possibilities and appeal. (Stevie Ronnie)

Goldsteins. A nice little place to host the Brass Book, a project by Stevie Ronnie about... - well... - the book. To be more specific - about the book as a technological masterpiece and it’s survival in the modern world defined by computerization, kindlization and tabletization.

Stevie Ronnie choreographed the project across the disciplines and communities to involve Easington Writers, Lanchester Brass Band, Deride Thompson (a traditional bookbinder) and Nick James (furniture designer). He took the dialogue away from librophiles and reintroduced it through the people that would not normally be part of the discussion. Public engagement, Arts Council would cheerfully exclaim.

With a background in computational engineering and an MA in Creative Writing Ronnie has the context to experience books creatively from outside the fine art frame of reference.
It is a beautiful collaboration with very unexpected results.


BRASS BOOK created by:
Stevie Ronnie. A freelance writer, artist, tutor, researcher and digital consultant.
Lanchester Brass Band.  All are welcome; instruments and tuition can be provided.
Easington Writers. A group of local people of varying writing stages and styles with a shared common interest.

Nick James.  A designer maker of furniture.

Deride Thompson. Subversive, traditional, inflexible bookbinder and experimental letterpress printer

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