Sunday 1 December 2013

E-manuscripts: The Hours of Catherine of Cleves

" The Hours of Catherine of Cleves is the greatest Dutch illuminated manuscript in the world"says the Morgan Library and Museum.
"This digital facsimile provides reproductions of all 157 miniatures (and facing text pages) from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves. The original one-volume prayer book had been taken apart in the nineteenth century; the leaves were shuffled and then rebound into two confusing volumes. The presentation offers the miniatures in their original, fifteenth-century sequence."

 Here are a few snippets from the margins:

A man with an ax and a very red strawberry.

What is this chicken holding? An ax?

A Wild Man chasing a rabbit.

A windmill in a the Dutch Bible.

A face in the rock.

 Jesus taken off the cross. A man with a fish in his mouth on the left.

Mussels - so perfect, they could almost be a 19thc chromolithograph


A beautiful picture of a sleeping man.

Below is a recording of curator Roger Wieck discussing selections from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves.

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