Tuesday 6 December 2011

SIGNS : balantly invisible

ONE HOMAGE TO WITTGENSTEIN - University of Cambridge , Casimir Lewy Library of Philosophy and internal courtyard of Raised Faculty Building, Sidgwick Site (originally part of Text&Context)

Guerilla signs on London underground

Amusing, how signs - in their conventional design - melt into the surroundings and become invisible. It takes some effort to spot those. Not unlike the high-vis vest.
And then high-vis clothing pulled off its greatest trick: it disappeared. Signifying no particular profession, it conveys very little information about its wearer beyond “I am working”. Photographers and activists swear by the high-vis vest as a way of avoiding the attention of the police. And criminals don’t just wear them after they’ve been caught: scrap-metal thieves routinely wear the vests to pose as workmen, and the robbers in the 2006 Securitas depot robbery, the biggest cash heist in British history, wore high-vis jackets. It has sunk into the visual background noise of our culture – high-visibility gear is a modern invisibility cloak. (from Icon, October, 2010)

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